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Dinner Groups

New for 2018! Dinner Groups focus on getting to know one another and having fun while sharing a meal. Group hosts often invite their guests to participate by bringing food to share (and the host will often offer some suggestions). Each group decides how they will handle childcare. It looks like there are only two Dinner Groups, but actually there are over 20! We do not list them all publicly, though, because some Dinner Groups are open for new guests and others are at max capacity. Here's how it works: Sign up today to let our team know you are interested in joining a Dinner Group. We will work with you and Dinner Group Hosts to find a group that is a good fit (location and life stage). Several groups are meeting in the Wapak, Shawnee, Lima and surrounding areas--some are at max capacity and some are looking for new guests. We'll help you find a group!
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Home Groups

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home). We try to keep them limited to about 12 people.
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Interest Groups

Interest Groups are organized around a specific topic. Many of these groups meet at the church, but some meet at homes or different locations in the community. Shawnee Alliance is a place to grow in grace. You will experience safety, dignity, respect and fun as you get involved in an Interest Group. Some classes also provide childcare – be sure to check the class details.
Young Adults Group
Retired Men's Prayer Group
Saturday Men's Discipleship
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Serving Groups

No one serves alone. Teams of excited people serve regularly both in the church and in the community. You are invited to jump in and make a difference!
K-4 Kids Ministry Team
Sunday Partners in Prayer Team
Tech Team
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Sports Groups

Can you grow in your faith while playing sports? Of course you can! Our sports groups focus on fun and safety.
Morning Exercise
Volleyball Open Gym
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